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Dental technology, just like other areas of industry, is experiencing rapid
technological developments, that have to be kept up with if we are not be left behind. For the professional future of hearing-impaired dental technicians, it is very important to have regular in-service training, but their disability can cause problems.

When deaf people want to continue their professional education, they rapidly encounter communicative limits, as the `traditional´ events are naturally designed for those who can hear. The speakers usually talk so fast and indistinctly that what is being said cannot be lip-read an can be translated only with difficulty.
Things are different at the courses held by Dental Thorwarth in Cuxhaven, Germany specially for hearing-impaired.
The most important part of an in–service training course for dental technicians is nearly always the theoretical part. It makes up 80 to 90 % of the course. However, attending training courses for people with normal hearing is generally of little benefit to hearing-impaired dental technicians.
The Thorwarth Dental Company remedies the situation by providing appropriate in-service training courses for hearing-impaired dental technicians in all areas of dental technology. In last two years, the master dental technician André Thorwarth, himself hearing-impaired, has trained over 70 hearing-impaired dental technicians. He know exactly what and how this group of dental technicians can and wants to learn.
André Thorwarth has had years of experience in this area and maintains good contacts with manufacturers of dental products, who are willing to support and assist the hearing-impaired dental technicians.
Straumann has been committed to this area for a few years. For this reason, the 5th Straumann implantcourse took place at Dental Thorwarth, Cuxhaven from 17th-19th January 2003.
Master dental technician André Thorwarth organised an conducted the course himself. At the start, there was a slide presentation about Straumann´s ITI® DENTAL IMPLANT SYSTEM, followed by a few talks on experiences with Straumann products, that were made at Thorwarth Dental. The training course was then devoted intensively to the practical part.

The course design was borrowed from Straumann and comprises the following subjects:
Presentation of the ITI® DENTAL IMPLANT SYSTEM
and prosthetic parts, pre-implant planning, cast fabrication with system parts, manufacture of superstructures, and examples of different prosthetic restoration design.

In the rule the responsible offices for integration transfer the costs
of the advanced training of the severely disabled ones.

Who has interest in such training courses, one asks, to turn to the
following address:

André Thorwarth
Master dental technician,
Am Lagerfeld 3a
D- 27476 Cuxhaven
Tel: + 49 4721/391 922 3
Fax: +49 4721/391 922 4

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